Saturday, February 21, 2009

random post

woke up early for rangers 7km walkathon.
mum dropped me and sue at wisma.
around 9 started our walk.
the pics are w/ ven and the rest. didnt manage to snap many pics.
went back at ten and had brunch w/ sue wei.
that's all for today!
further updates will be after my test. 2-4march. wish me luck!;p

14th February 2009

Valentine's Day
in sch..
this post is a week later.=X

well, it was a CLEANATHON Day for CGL.
anyways we had fun! it was like a past time for valentine's day.
let the pics do the talking now.
she's happy.

jolyn, me,sue

top from left;aiwen, tasha, me, sue, chan, vill,sara
i guess you know what all of us are doing.


sha and ching wen.

after sch sue and eric came to my house for group study.
look at both goodies..studying
they went back after awhile.
went to gurney apartment for buffet dinner.
smth interesting happened there. not mentioning over here.
only my close friends know about it.
so this is what i got for my valentine 2009!=DD
happy valentine's day!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Still Counting! whee*

this is just a random post!
im still counting down to that important day. =)
8 mre days to go...
only i knw what is this post abt.